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Our mission is to safely compound investor capital at a higher rate of return than traditional investments.”

It’s time. Let’s work together to invest in your financial future.

Cloud Capital is a real estate investment firm focused on acquiring and renovating underperforming multifamily and assisted living communities.

We help our investors grow their wealth and achieve better returns than traditional investments by participating in partial ownership of recession resilient multifamily and assisted living assets. As limited partners, our investors receive ownership benefits, such as limited liability, professional property management, and tax benefits that may not otherwise be available to individual investors.

We obsessively seek value-add and opportunistic real estate assets that will generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our institutional partners and private investors.

Dallas, TX – Poised for consistent growth with multiple demand drivers – Nation leading job creation – Forecasted population increase of 2M by 2035 – Fortune 500 corporate relocations
Atlanta, GA – Poised for record-breaking booms in the tech and entertainment industry – Top 5 in forecasted population increases by 2030 – High housing prices leading to increased renter households
Austin, TX – Poised to benefit from consistent job and population drivers – 10 year forecasted population growth of 34% – Multiple high profile fortune 100 tech corporate relocations

Rigorous Market Selection

“Cloud Capital focuses on acquiring properties within strong economic markets throughout Texas and Georgia. We acquire assets in MSA’s with business friendly climates that are experiencing strong population and job growth.”

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Benefits of Direct Real Estate Ownership

  • Consistent Cash Flow

  • Stable Asset Class

  • Lower Risk Than Stocks

  • Tax Advantages

  • Resiliency in Recessions

  • Hedge Against Inflation

Performance is our mission. Cloud Capital does not try to time the real estate cycle. We believe in buying and holding stable, cash-flowing properties with an adequate margin of safety built into our underwriting. This allows our firm to weather challenging economic environments and preserve investor capital.


A core focus on multifamily and assisted living assets in well located markets

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