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Host: Whitney Sewell

The Real Estate Syndication Show

Recording Date: 07.12.20

• Nathan’s Wall Street background and how it taught him to manage risk
• Building your investor list and relationships through transparency.
• Developing a process to figure out what a good deal is to you.
• Red flags and details that Nathan pays extra-careful attention to.

Host: Ruben Greth

The Capital Raiser Show

Recording Date: 05.29.20

• Preserving Investor Capital
• Sourcing deals
• Underwriting and de-risking transactions
• Capital sources institutional vs accredited investors

Host: Axel Ragnarsson

The Multifamily Wealth Podcast

Recording Date: 07.16.20

• Wall Street Background and how that relates to Real Estate
• Breaking down the risks of a deal
• Underwriting and de-risking transactions
• What passive investors should look for in a sponsor

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