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506 South (under contract)

180 Units

Coral Bay

41 Units

Multifamily Value-Add In Texas

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88 Units

Buying Off-Market for High Cashflow


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Building strong relationships as was done with Lakewood is a key factor in acquiring below-market, well-positioned, multifamily properties.

Limited Deferred Maintenance

The overall condition of Lakewood was such that strategic and well-planned capital expenditures would quickly bring Lakewood to top-notch levels.

Acquired Below Replacement Cost

Our fine-tuned investment process allows us to find such diamonds in the rough as Lakewood, at acquisition points well-below the average for the area.

Compelling Projected Returns

Strategically nestled in Texas City, near Houston Texas, this under market asset is sure to see steady growth for years to come.

Weatherly Walk

194 Units

True Multifamily Value-Add In Atlanta

Highly Affluent Submarket

Fayetteville, GA, has $73,000 median household incomes, home to Pinewood Studios, and many ancillary businesses & services bringing massive growth to the market.

Well Maintained Asset

Built in 1991, Weatherly Walk had limited deferred maintenance and was well-positioned within the local market.

Acquired Below Replacement Cost

Acquired for $23.8mm, Cloud Capital worked with a partner to source and close a tremendous asset. Weatherly Walk is well below the cost to build a new apartment complex allowing for built in margin of safety.

Compelling Projected Returns

16.9% average annual return
7.7% cash-on-cash
15.5% internal rate of return
1.85x equity multiple

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